​The WorldsFinancialCenter.com is at the forefront in the evolution of Investment property ownership. Investment money is moving away from high cost depreciating physical assets and moving into rapidly appreciating, digital assets; because digital properties offers a much larger pool of potential customers, and much lower operating costs. The WorldsFinancialCenter.com is well positioned, as a fund of over 1300 premium, industry defining domain names like PtoPloans.com  AlgorithmTrades.com & PensionPools.com, the best are being developed into industry defining directories; following the successful model of generic domain names cars.com which sold for $1.83 Billion in 2014 and apartments.com which sold for $585 Million. What do these domain names have in common? They are both generic dot com domains that operate as directories for the business activity which their domain names define. Cars.com and apartments.com  have multiple revenue streams, the users who come to list, buy, sell, or lease a car or apartment; and the high revenues from the brands who sell, buy or lease those products to the end users, Mercedes and all the major car manufacturers advertise at cars.com. What cars.com and apartments.com have done in autos and housing with their generic domain names, we are doing in the financial sector with generic financial directories like EquityIncomes.com & TaxFreeAccounts.com.

As an additional revenue stream, we are developing some of our generic financial domains to offer our own financial products on the blockchain. Our digital currency of use at the WorldsFinancialCenter.com and all our 1300 generic industry defining .com businesses, is the ITO (symbol ITO).  This is Commercial Real Estate 3.0, available now on the Ethereum blockchain; immutable, distributed, provable transactions, employing Smart Contracts. There are no annual MER fees at AmericanIndexFund.com, ( a $10,000 investment averaging 6.4% annual return, with annual Management Expense Ratio (MER) fees of 1.75% over 25 years, loses 43% of the total return to fees !   AmericanIndexFund.com operates as a mirror of the market average, moving up and down with the market in real time, with NO MER FEES ! The savings to investors will be huge. AmericanIndexFund.com can be bought, sold or held using the ITO.

We have issued 210,000,000 ITO coins, with a hard cap of $21,000,000, we have signed options for $6,000,000, $15,000,000 in ITO remain available. The ITO is a Reg D, GDPR compliant, ERC-20 coin, that will pay annual dividends to ITO holders, derived from the annual profits from all WorldsFinancialCenter.com businesses. ITO refers to Initial Token Offers, I also own InitialTokenOffers.com. The ITO is being distributed at ITOcoins.com, our wallet address is - ITOcoins.eth. 

Welcome to the future of commercial property ownership; where business valuations are based on the ability to attract, maintain and leverage visitor attention, not the height of your building, or its distance to the downtown core. ​We have reached a tipping point, away from depreciating physical assets, toward escalating digital asset valuations. Today’s Business contracts, and the Bricks and Mortar from which they operate, are expensive to maintain, vulnerable to many negative outside influences, and largely inaccessible to most. Commercial digital properties on the immutable, low cost Ethereum Network of the Blockchain, is where Arges Inc. operates over 1300 of the most valuable, keyword rich, Commercial Properties left available today; all under one umbrella, utilizing our token The ITO, as a means of Exchange for all products and services at WorldsFinancialCenter.com

The ITO is a ERC20 Ethereum token adhering to the Bancor protocol, giving the holder access to a financial ecosystem of over 1300 financial .com websites/businesses held at Arges Inc.; each offering low cost financial services on the Ethereum network of the blockchain. Holders of the ITO choose which businesses to place their ITO token, like ETFDividend.com, equity owners of WorldsFinancialCenter.com will receive dividends from revenues generated from the revenues of 1300 internet properties. AmericanIndexFund.com is real moving number that are tied to our generic segment defining Internet addresses like  WorldIndexFund.com & ETFdividend.com; ITO smart contract owners can buy, sell, trade or hold ; creating a mirrored asset, that can be bought or sold without MER fees, under the Bancor protocol.  More conservative ITO holders can place their token at WorldIndexFund.com or EthicalMutualFund.com. Each WFC business offers automated and autonomous full service commercial products and / or services; backed by conclusive, up to the minute news and content. All of these Commercial websites are linked, developed upon, and employ decentralized immutable low cost smart contracts, on the Ethereum Blockchain. The ITO is classed as an Equity Token. The ITO will be used to complete transactions for goods or services on a diverse network of over 1000 connected businesses / websites. The ITO is structured to utilise the Bancor Protocol so ITO token holders don't have to pay transactions fees to exchanges. No more middlemen or gatekeepers slowly eating away at your savings, it truly has been a case of death by a thousand cuts; up until now.

This is an opportunity to join an exclusive network of hundreds of businesses; each
a generic Financial sector defining .COM business / website on the Blockchain, all operating at low cost on the Ethereum network, You will be able to make your own self executing, smart contract at SelfExecute.com, for any financial service you require. There is only one .COM, and only one provider in the industry can own it. Generic .coms can solidify a company's position on the Internet imbuing credibility and dominance in the sector with the go to .COM internet address that defines the business activity. .COM’s receive more type in traffic than any other url.

Early round investers, can now receive 331/3% bonus ITO coins, in this partnership opportunity to control over 1300 industry market segments, by virtue of owning the .COM suffixes of those market categories;  like AlgorithmTrades.com ConsensusAlgorithms.com ATMBTCS.com BitcoinsCache.com or AmericanIndexFund.com or WorldIndexFund.com. Each website / business operates under its own ITO sub-token which can be bought, sold or traded without exchange fees, because we operate according to the Bancor protocol; ITO Holders can buy and sell, free of transaction fees against our reserve, and can exchange for Ethereum or fiat currency.

ReverseMortgages.com sold for $600,000 US in 2013, which has a market of approximately $20 billion annually. We own, and that includes you - MapleBond.com and MapleBonds.com, (Apple issued $2.5 Billion in MapleBonds in 2017), $30 billion are invested in Maplebonds annually. These domains were worth $600,000 in 2013, I own hundreds of similar properties; indicating a valuation in the tens of millions of dollars.

Sheldon Corey, President of Arges Inc. is pleased and honoured to announce David Drake, President of LDJ Capital, whose network of funds, manages assets of 1.5 trillion USD; has agreed to join Arges as an Advisory Board Member.  David Drake’s ICO regulatory knowledge, and his relationships with leading regulatory bodies, positions us for even greater success, with the upcoming launch of our Initial Coin Offering. Lucas Cervigni, Cryptocurrency expert, from London is a partner. James Sowers, chosen as one of the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2018 at Entrepreneur.com, and # 11 on Crunchbase, is our advisor from Florida. Jack Bensimon, is our experienced, ICO legal compliance expert, from Toronto.       

This ITO is an opportunity to hold a significant portion of all the English Language Financial key words available today. Bounty will be made available for those who would like to work on the project at Bounty.cc  ( this domain will also become an industry service ).   

Please visit our Telegram group to get updates news and bonus ITO coins, and please consider joining us -


   Scroll down, for a list of recent industry sales, to get an idea of values. Contact us - sales@WorldsFinancialCenter.com

AlgorithmTrades.com   Algorithm-Trades.com    ConsensusAlgorithms.com    MatchingAlgorithms.com    MergeSorts.com   Optiontrees.com    GaleShapley.com   ApprovePerson.com   AssetBackedCryptoCurrencies.com

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Lkigai.com ( Japanese theory for a fulfilled life)    LowerDonland.com

MapleBonds.com   MapleBond.com ( $26 Billion invested annually, Apple just issued a $2.5 Billion MapleBond )

MEASA.org   MEASA.info   MEASA.club ( Middle East and South Asia )

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WorldsFinancialCentre.com ( was bricks & mortar )

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Plus many 3 and 4 letter .coms

I'm looking for a spot on a Fintech startup, individual sales, partnerships, M&A. Shares, Royalty agreements, interesting offers.

I have discounted this portfolio's valuation significantly, holding it to the average of two 2010 third party appraisals

Ownership can be verified at www.whois.com

Here are the recent sales records of the most expensive domain names ever sold -

Cars.com was sold for $872 MILLION !!

Not all domain name sales are made public, here are the other, more affordable top 20 public sales of all time. Notice that most of the public reporting for Ultra-High value domain names seems to have stopped after 2010. 

Insurance.com  $35.6 million 2010

VacationRentals.com  $35 million 2007

PrivateJet.com  $30.18 million 2012

Internet.com  $18 million 2009

360.com  $17 million 2015

Insure.com  $16 million 2009

Fund.com  £9.99 million 2008

Sex.com  $13 million 2010 Nov. 17

Hotels.com  $11 million 2001

Porn.com  $9.5 million 2007

Porno.com  $8,888,888 2015 February

Fb.com  $8.5 million 2010 November

Business.com  $7.5 million 1999 December

Diamond.com  $7.5 million 2006

Beer.com  $7 million 2004

iCloud.com  $6 million 2011 March

Israel.com  $5.88 million 2008 May

Casino.com  $5.5 million 2003

Slots.com  $5.5 million 2010

Toys.com  $5.1 million 2009

Other more recent sales of financial properties -

Refi.com $500,000 Buckley Media Group 3/15/17    

Asset.com $406,000 Sharjil Saleem 3/29/17

Advance.com $300,000 Buckley Media Group 1/11/17    

CryptoBank.com $125,000 Undeveloped 4/5/17

SeaCapital.com $49,000 Sedo 5/3/17    

MoreMoney.com $67,000    Afternic    3/15/17

Bitcoin.casino $28,000    Sedo  3/1/17    

invest.ai $6,999 Sedo 2/1/17    

Auto.loan $45,000 Undeveloped 11/30/16

Bitcoin.co.uk $30,000 Flippa 7/20/16    

CarLoan.ca $36,000 Uniregistry 7/20/16

YouCoin.com €70,000 = $79,100 Sedo 4/13/16    

ClearTax.com $80,000 Uniregistry 7/20/16

ForexBrokers.com $150,000 Uniregistry 7/20/16    

Bookkeeping.com $150,000 Uniregistry 7/20/16

CurrencyConverter.com $150,000 DomainNameSales 3/25/15    

HomeCare.com $350,000 NamesCon/RightOfTheDot Auction 1/28/15

FinancialNews.com $200,000 Uniregistry 12/31/15    

Mera.com $132,500 Pvt Sale 5/28/15

MetaTrader.com $100,000 Uniregistry 12/31/15    

BitcoinWallet.com $250,000 Pvt Sale 2/12/14

TorontoRealEstate.com $140,000 Pvt Sale 9/17/14    

UsedCars.ca CAD $126,000 = US$115,920 iREx.ca 9/4/14

SafetyTraining.com $80,000 DomainNameSales 8/27/14    

TruckDrivingJobs.com $80,000 DomainNameSales 8/27/14

ReverseMortgages.com $600,000 Igloo/DomainNameSales 7/31/13    

Finances.com $500,000 Pvt Sale 10/2/13

Housing.com $500,000 Pvt Sale 10/2/13    

Jobs.ca $450,000 Sedo 12/18/13    

eLend.com $140,000 Sedo 4/3/13

Flight.ca $99,000 GoDaddyAuctions 8/7/13    

CellphoneCases.com $75,000 DomainNameSales 1/31/13

Racing.ca $39,200 DomainNames.ca/ Afternic 2/27/13    

SameDayLoans.org.uk £12,500 = $19,250 Pvt Sale 8/7/13

AudioBooks.ca $19,000 DomainNameSales 10/30/13    

Textbooks.ca $18,000 DomainHoldings 5/8/13

Textbook.ca $17,000 DomainNameSales/DomainHoldings 5/1/13

Assurance.org €16,500 = $22,110 Sedo 2/20/13    

Mortgage.info $18,900 Flippa 7/31/13

Insured.org $10,000 Sedo 1/16/13    

Investing.com $2,450,000 Pvt Sale 12/14/12

PersonalLoans.com $1,000,000 DomainNameSales 2/29/12    

Finance.co.za $70,000 Durni Companies LLC 7/18/12

HomeLoanCalculator.com.au 36,251 AUD = $37,339 

CarInsurance.net.au 33,051 AUD = $34,703 NetFleet.com.au 12/5/12

CreditReport.com.au 30,250 AUD = $31,763 NetFleet.com.au 8/22/12

Mortgage-Calculator.co.uk £12,500 = $19,250 Sedo 1/18/12    

Credit.com.au 18,235 AUD = $18,964    

TitleLoans.net $14,000 Sedo 3/14/12

Loans.info $12,205 GoDaddyAuctions 1/4/13    

OptionsTrading.org $10,000 Sedo 2/29/12

PaydayLoans.info $10,000 Sedo 1/25/12    

AutoInsurance.org $440,000 MediaOptions 4/6/11

Stockbrokers.com $185,000 Pvt Sale 2/9/11    

InvestmentProperty.com.au AUD 125,001 = $127,501

MoneyLender.com $75,000 Pvt Sale 9/14/11    

LoanQuotes.com $75,000 Moniker/SnapNames 2/23/11

Commodity.co $20,000 Sedo 10/19/11    

CarInsuranceCompanies.org $18,299 Moniker/SnapNames6/2/11

AutoInsuranceComparison.org $18,229 Moniker/SnapNames 6/2/11

MutualFunds.org $15,000 Toby Clements Newsletter 8/24/11

GreenBusiness.org $12,500 DomainMarket 6/2/11!

I also own many of the above names as a .ca for use in Canada or California 

mintcoins.ca    mintcoin.ca     ingots.ca

​pensionpool.ca    pensionpools.ca    pooledpension.ca    pooledpensions.ca    pooledregisteredpensions.ca

canadianscholarship.ca    charteredcertifiedaccountant.ca    charteredcertifiedaccountants.ca

closedendfunds.ca    commodityindexfund.ca    commodityindexfunds.ca

exchangetradednote.ca    exchangetradednotes.ca     
FinancialTechnology.ca         fundinvestment.ca    fundinvestments.ca


hedger.ca    income-fund.ca    income-trust.ca    investmentcommunity.ca    municipals.ca    munis.ca

p2plending.ca    p2ploan.ca    p2ploans.ca    rdsps.ca    registered-education-savings-plans.ca

registeredretirementsavingsplans.ca     TAEL.ca     tax-freeaccount.ca    tax-freeaccounts.ca    tax-freesaving.ca

tax-freesavingsaccount.ca    taxfreemunicipalbonds.ca    taxfreetradingaccount.ca    taxfreetradingaccounts.ca
tfta.ca    tpsps.ca                                                  

​Domain names for sale  contact  sales@WorldsFinancialCenter.com



The Soho Loft Media Group



​​             WorldsFinancialCenter.com       

                       No Longer Bricks and Mortar              

​Cars.com sold for $1.83 Billion !!!   SEC filing, courtesy parent company, Gannet Co. Inc. 

                            Apartments.com sold for $585 Million