​When you hear the term World’s Financial Center, you may think of New York , London, or one of a dozen skyscrapers that also go by the title. We believe Worlds Financial Centre is evolving; from a fixed location: as with most things; to a universal and immutable digital location on the blockchain, available for all to visit. WorldsFinancialCentre.com is well positioned to capitalize on the evolutionary changes taking place in Commercial property ownership. Investments are exiting high cost, fixed, depreciating physical assets and moving into appreciating, dynamic, global, digital assets. WorldsFinancialCenter.com isn't a single story, it's a fund of over 1500 premium, generic, Fintech segment defining domain names like AlgorithmTrades.com EquityIncomes.com Digitalindexfunds.com BTCshort.com  IPFSnodes.com & ContractScripts.com. Each is an opportunity to lay claim to a segment of the market by virtue of owning the .com address that best describes a core Fintech business activity. The average nine letter .com sold for $23,495 in 2016 (source - namepro). We own hundreds of 4 - 12 letter .coms. Our best are being developed into Fintech industry defining directories; following the successful model of Cars.com, 73% of which sold for 1.83 Billion in 2014 and apartments.com which sold for $585 Million. There is a digital "Land Rush" taking place on the Web, LasVegas.com recently sold for $90 Million, CarInsurance.com, $46 Million, just for the domain names, no websites. In contrast a Hilton Hotel in NYC later sold for $65 Million. Other than their sales having gone largely unreported, what do these domains have in common? They are generic dot com domain names, operating as directories, for the business activity which their .com domain name best describes. Cars.com and apartments.com have multiple revenue streams; the users who come to list, buy, sell, or lease a car or apartment; and the high advertising revenue generated from the big brands who sell or lease those products to end users. What cars.com and apartments.com have done in the online auto and housing markets with their generic domain name directories, we are bringing to the financial industry, with hundreds of generic financial directories like TaxFreeAccounts.com & Digitalindexes.com PensionPools.com The potential upside is exponential!

Our exclusive digital currency at the WorldsFinancialCenter.com is the ITO, it can be used to buy products and services at any of our 1500 locations. We have issued 210,000,000 ITO coins, at 10 cents each with a hard cap of $21,000,000, we have signed options for 6,000,000 ITO at a 20% discount. The ITO is an ERC- 20, Reg D, GDPR compliant token. At the end of year one ITO holders will begin receiving automated annual dividends, derived from the annual profits of all WorldsFinancialCenter.com businesses combined. ITO Holders can buy and sell, free of transaction fees against our reserve, and can exchange ITO for Ethereum or fiat currency. ITO refers to Initial Token Offers, we also own InitialTokenOffers.com & EquityTokenOffer.com. ITO means "String" in Japanese - the String that ties our businesses together. ITO is also the sixth most common surname in Japan. The ITO is being distributed at ITOcoins.com, and you can send your Ether to our easy to remember wallet address - ITOcoins.eth

This is Commercial Real Estate 3.0, the highest price domain name ever sold is LasVegas.com sold for $90 Million, CarInsurance.com - $35 Million. The highest price ever for a website was Linkedin - $26 Billion; the highest selling prices, for the top 20 domain names and top 20 websites, are mostly dot com directories. We are also developing some of our financial domains into our own financial products on the Ethereum block chain employing Smart Contracts. AmericanIndexFund.com is being developed to function as a mirror of the American Index average , an average moving number. AmericanIndexFund.com moves up and down in real time with the aggregate market, and it can be bought or sold using the ITO.

The blight of the average investor today is the Management Expense Ratio (MER). If you had invested $10,000 25 yrs ago, averaging 6.4% annual return, with annual (MER) fees of 1.75% , you would have lost 43% of your return due to the impact of compounded MER fees. AmericanIndexFund.com can be bought, for a one time cost of 1% using the ITO, with NO Annual MER FEES as long as you own it ! The savings to investors is huge. AmericanIndexFund.com is a fully automated smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain with up to the minute news and content.

For additional revenue we are selling some non core digital properties and we are offering during private sale: NO INTEREST, lease to own over 5 years. We have been invited to join the Bancor Protocol so ITO token holders don't have to pay transactions fees to exchanges, no more middlemen or gatekeepers slowly eating away at your investments.

ReverseMortgages.com sold for $600,000 US in 2013(domain name only), it’s a market of approximately $20 billion annually. We own, - MapleBond.com and MapleBonds.com, (Apple issued $2.5 Billion in MapleBonds last year), $30 billion are invested in Maplebonds annually. So these 2 domains were worth $600,000 in 2013: I own hundreds of similar properties; indicating a valuation in the tens of millions of dollars.

Arges Inc. is a Canadian company; the ITO is an Equity Token, and so grants it's holders a share in the company. We have applied for a Securities Exemption, Memorandum 45-106 Prospectus Exemptions status, provided to security tokens at The Canadian Securities Exchange. The TSXV in Vancouver has created North America’s first clearing house based on blockchain technology, allowing companies to issue digital tokens with the blessing of regulators, with a clearing and settlement platform for security tokens, and most importantly, allows security tokens to do a reverse takeover of an existing listings on its TSXV exchange, which is very new and happened only twice, and we plan to do the same. This is an opportunity to join an exclusive network of hundreds of businesses; each a generic Financial sector defining .COM business on the Blockchain that will be listed on TSXV in 2019. There is only one .COM, and only one provider in the industry can own it. Generic .coms can solidify a company's position on the Internet imbuing credibility and dominance in their sector with the go to dot COM internet address that defines their business activity. Dot COM’s receive more type in traffic than any other url.

 Here are some of our 1500 Commercial Properties, "in Prime Locations", ready for development -

AlgorithmTrades.com   Algorithm-Trades.com    ConsensusAlgorithms.com  DistributionConsensus.com  MatchingAlgorithms.com     SecureHashAlgorithms.com  Sha256Hash.com

 AlternativeInvestmentFunding.com    AmericanIndexFund.com   AmericanIndexFunds.com   AssetTokenFunds.com   AssetBackedCryptoCurrencies.com    AutoETF.com 

​ATMBTCs.com  BTCsATM.com  AltcoinsATM.com  AltCoinHardware.com  AltCoinUSB.com   ArrayLists.com   AtlanticCaviar.com  BackedCoins.com  BitcoinsDerivitive.com

BitcoinsCache.com  BitcoinSilvers.com   BitCoinShort.com    BTCShort.com   BTCStrategyETF.com    BitCoinStrategyETF.com   BlockchainStrategyETF.com  BitcoinMinerals.com

BitcoinTwoX.com   BitCoinsDerivitive.com   BitNation.biz   BitcoinExchangeTradedFunds.com  BitcoinsUSB.com  SegWitTwoX.com  BitcoinDiamondMines.com  BitcoinTrustETF.com

DebitBitcoins.com  SmartBTCs.com  BTCsmartcontractor.com  BitcoinSmartContractor.com  BitcoinDigitalEscrow.com  BTCdigitalescrow.com  OnchainBitcoins.com  LQDBTC.com

OnchainBitcoin.com   Bolívars.com  BolívarSoberanos.com  BolivaresSoberanos.com​  BolívaresSoberanos.com  BolivarsSoberano.com  SovereignBolivars.com  L-BTC.net  L-BTC.org

BolivarSoberanos.com   BusinessLoanFunders.com​ BusinessLoanFunder.com   B2B.Financial  BailinBonds.com    BinaryMerkleTrees.com   Bounty.cc    InitialBounty.com

BeaconChains.com   BestRateExchange.com   ChainTerminals.com   DistributedBlockchains.com    BlockchainConsortiums.com   TrueBlockchains.com  BTCPiggyBanks.com

 BlockchainDerivitives.com BlockchainTradeVerification.com  TradeVerifications.com MineBlocker.com   BullDogBond.com   BPaaS.co  BitcoinPiggyBanks.com

ColdStoreCrypto.com  CashBCHs.com CryptoColdStores.com  CryptoExchangeTrades.com  CryptoCurrencyExchangeAssociation.com ​ CryptoShortSell.com   CryptoShorter.com 

 CapitalLiquid.com  CorporationCoins.com  CoinsBacked.com   CurrentBlocks.com    CorporationCoins.com   ContractScripts.com  PluggableConcensus.com  CommunityCryptos.com

ChangeCurrencies.com   CommonTrusts.com   CashPlasma.com     CoinIdentities.com   ​​ CanadaH2o.com    CanadianAssetClassFund.com     CalculateHash.com  CommonTrusts.com 

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ChangeCurrencies.com   CharteredCertifiedAccountants.com   CharteredCertifiedAccountant.com    CertifiedCharteredAccountants.com   CommodityTokens.com   CryptoDoggies.com

CharteredPublicAccountant.com   CharteredPublicAccountants.com     ClassicEthereums.com    CovercallOption.com    CoverCallOptions.com   ChainChild.com  CoinsBacked.com 

CustomPays.com  CETHF.com  CXBTFs.com DecentralDemocracy.com DeferredIncomePlans.com    DependantCareSavingsAccounts.com    DiversifyETF.com   DiversityIndexETF.com   


DigitalBlockchainAsset.com   DigitalFundLaw.com   DigitalFundIndex.com   DigitalInvestmentTrust.com   DNAfountains.com   DRMfreeTorrents.com 

DistributedProperty.com   Derivz.com  DNAfountains.com  Drones.cc     Education-Trust.com     Edutainor.com    Edutainors.com    EquityIncomes.com 

 ExchangePlasma.com   EquityBasedAssets.com   EquityTokenOffer.com   ExchangeDecentral.com    ERCtwenty.com    ERC1400.com    ERC-1400.com 

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ETFDividend.com *****    TrustETF.com *****   ​EthereumUSB.com   EVCE.co     EVSE.org   AustralianSeaweeds.com (reduce greenhouse gases by 10%)     DigitalinvestmentTrust.com 

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IndexFundGlobal.com    IndexFundsInternational.com    InnuArt.com    InnuitArt.com   IssuingHouse.com    IssuingHouses.com   itoICO.com 

InstantBillions.com    IntermediateHolding.com   IntermediateHoldingCompany.com    InterplanetaryFile.com    InterplanetaryFiles.com  ITOCoins.com  IndexVolatility.com

InvestmentCollectives.com  InvestorWallets.com  ITO.domains   ITOdomains.com   InteractingWorlds.com  Keccaks.com  KungfuDojo.com   KungfuDojos.com  

Lkigai.com ( Japanese theory for a fulfilled life)    LowerDonland.com  LQDETH.com   LiquidityTokens.com   LQDtoken.com  LQDtokens.com  LiquidEthereum.com 

MapleBonds.com   MapleBond.com ( $26 Billion invested annually, Apple just issued a $2.5 Billion MapleBond )  

MEASA.org   MEASA.info   MEASA.club ( Middle East and South Asia )    MessageDigests.com  MaltaStocks.com   MaltaTokenExchange.com   MaltaExchanges.com  Maltans.com

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Ownership can be verified at  www.whois.com

We have hundreds of .CA's which resolve  to Canada( country code) or California (state code). California's economy is 6th largest in the world at $2.7 Trillion GDP: ahead of France ($2.4 Trillion) , India ($2.1 Trillion), Italy ($1.8 Trillion), Brazil ( $1.77 Trillion), Canada ( $1.5 Trillion), South Korea ($1.4 Trillion), Russia ($1.3 Trillion).


MintCoin.ca    MintCoins.ca     Ingots.ca

​PensionPool.ca    PensionPools.ca    PooledPension.ca    PooledPensions.ca    PooledRegisteredPensions.ca

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ClosedEndFunds.ca    CommodityIndexFund.ca    CommodItyindexFunds.ca   EquitySwaps.ca

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Tax-FreeSavingsAccount.ca    TaxFreeMunicipalBonds.ca    TaxFreeTradingAccount.ca    TaxFeeTradingAccounts.ca  TFTA.ca    TPSPS.ca 


​Considering all sales and partnerships,  contact  sales@WorldsFinancialCenter.com

Interested in Fintech startups, individual sales, partnerships, M&A, Shares, Crypto Currencies, Royalty agreements, interesting offers.



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