What is the ITO?

The ITO (symbol ITO) is an ERC-20, KYC, AML, GDPR compliant security token. The ITO is the digital currency of use at the WorldsFinancialCenter.com; where Arges Inc. holds, under the WFC umbrella, 1500 premium, generic business domain names: that is being developed into hundreds of businesses on the blockchain. This ITO isn’t about a single new business on the blockchain, this ITO is about hundreds of blockchain businesses, with exponential growth prospects. 

  ITO TOKEN contract -  0xA8fd9696b0EC2ACd733481C0d9Dc676781952b8F

You can send ETH to ITOcoins.eth

Why should I own the most descriptive, generic .com domain name I can afford, that best describes my business activity?

A Company’s Internet address has quickly risen to the fore, as the primary representation of its brand and standing in the community. It is agreed that a .com Internet address represents the greatest possible, brand recognition value, for a business address today. A generic .com domain name that describes your business activity is your industry’s most valuable “Key Word”; the service/search term, your visitors are looking to acquire. Owning your industry’s most valuable keywords lends instant credibility to your company, and will invite greater, pre-qualified traffic, through keyword recognition, more native type in traffic, and easier memory of usage. Any Company that decides to go with a domain, other than a .com will inevitably lose some of its intended visitors to a competitor, as the .com will be the intuitive place to go for many people, in search of your service. It is equally as important to have an email address, that inspires confidence to your company, ie. info@ITOcoins.com   free email accounts, like Gmail, or Hotmail may lead a visitor to question the legitimacy, and longterm commitment of your company. We are becoming an ever-savvier digital world; where companies can have an instant global presence, where certain standards of internet practice and service are expected.

Is this an asset-backed ITO?

YES, this ITO is backed by assets of 1500 premium, industry defining domain names, already valued at $21,000,000.00. Please read our Whitepaper for further details of the valuation.

Will ITO holders receive dividends from the revenue generated by ITO businesses?

YES, ITO holders will receive annual dividend payments from the revenues generated by all WorldsFinancialCenter.com businesses.


As a holder of ITO coins do I own a share of the Parent company Arges Inc.?

YES, 210,000,000 ITO coins have been issued at ITOcoins.com, each ITO represents one B class, non-voting share in the parent company, Arges Inc.

Can I use my Ether wallet to buy and sell ITO coins? 

YES, the ITO is an ECR-20 compatible token, so you can use your current Ether wallet to buy, sell, hold or send ITO; as well as, it is where you will receive annual dividend payments from the entire WorldsFinancialCenter.comnetwork.

Who is eligible to own ITO coins?

Anyone who is willing to comply with the KYC, AML verification process can purchase ITO security tokens.  ITO coins are Not Available to US-Non Accredited Investors.

Where can I find a list of the domain names owned by Arges Inc?

You can find a list of our domain names at WorldsFinancialCenter.com and the attached Whitepaper.

Why should I buy ITO Now? Why not Wait for ICO?

The ITO price begins at $.10 and will continue to increase as we approach ICO. PRE-ICO investors will also receive ITO bonus coins of 331/3% in appreciation of their early recognition of our work.